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High Intensity Training eBook

High Intensity Training eBook HIGH INTENSITY TRAINING: How to supercharge your workouts, cut your exercise time by 2/3, and perform NO CARDIO.

Are you having trouble making progress?
Do you have trouble sticking with a consistent program?
Do you work hard for a few months and then completely stop only to start again later?
Are your workouts too long?
Do you hate doing cardio?
Are you really getting what you want out of your exercise program?
Do you feel like something's just not quite right?
Does your workout even make sense?

I have news for you. Your workouts ARE too long! I see 2 problems.

1. People don't train at all. That's self explanatory.

2. The people that do train are doing way too much. So you have 2 extremes with few people getting results at all and very very few striking the balance between giving your body just the right amount for the maximum gain.

If you train already, STOP wasting time, don't risk injury, and don't sabotage your progress with cardio! It's almost a certain guarantee that you're doing 1 or or all 3 if you train already.

Make no mistake about it, you're not exercising to give your body all the work it can stand. Anything beyond the minimum amount required to stimulate the best result is counter productive which makes it hard for you to progress and to stick with it consistently. What's worse, if you're doing any decent amount of cardio, you're probably wasting your time, reducing your lean muscle tissue, and hindering results. You'll never reap the full benefits if you continue to give your body all the activity it can handle. What you need is a reasoned, scientific, and logical approach to maximize your results. Don't keep making the same mistakes over and over again. Read this book and try it out! It will literally inject new life into your training routine with noticeable improvements almost instantly. All while saving you time. You'll be able to cut your workout time by 2/3 and get better results.

That's what the High Intensity Training (HIT) approach is all about. It's a comprehensive philosophy that will give you the road map to designing the correct workout for you.

These are some of the brilliant ideas espoused for decades by great minds in high intensity training like Arthur Jones and Ellington Darden from Nautilus and Mike Mentzer.

-Learn appropriate set and rep schemes.
-Learn how often you should workout ideally.
-Learn how much rest you need between workouts.
-Learn about metabolic resistance training.
-Learn why most traditional approaches can actually hinder your results.
-Learn the old school, but little known secrets to getting to where you want to be in your strength and body shape.

Learn what exercise is and is not. We'll show you what principles must be employed for your body to adapt positively. And we'll show you what the difference between intensity and weight.

What if there was a way that you could combine muscular and cardiovascular benefits of exercise without sacrificing lean muscle tissue or lowering your metabolism as is usually the case? Well, there is, but it takes a special way to organize your workout and to perform it. The days of long slow cardio are GONE! Not only is that ineffective, but it has a high injury rate too. Don't do that to yourself. Read this book and learn how to get the most from you routine without injury.

By the end of the book, you'll be able to create your own safe, effective, and efficient training program best suited to you. Or just choose from one of our 11 general or specialized HIT routines contained in the book. You'll develop the knowledge to change and make it a sustainable effort over time to keep you consistent. You'll be able to adapt to the ever changing dynamic situation that is a progressive training program.

Also included:

- 11 general and specialized HIT routines.
- Metabolic resistance training routines.
- 13 advanced HIT techniques for added variety and plateau busting.
- What makes HIT different.
- How to avoid a fight or flight response and get the most out of your workouts.
- How to prevent, recognize, and correct overtraining.
- The difference between mechanical work and metabolic work.
- Tips on proper breathing during exercise.
- How to work around injuries or post-rehabilitate.

All of this is contained in this one book. The knowledge you'll gain here will literally last your entire life and keep you on a progressive path to success. For only $39.97 for a limited time!

We've added some more bonuses too. To make it a no brainer as to why you need to read this book if you're interested in HIT or just want to revamp your training routine, see the extra FREE bonuses we've included below.

BONUS #1- High Intensity Home Workout Book and guide to make your own strap suspension trainer-$50 Value.
BONUS #2- Access to the HIT Advanced Technique Video Collection-$29 Value.
BONUS #3- Access to our library of hundreds of HIT exercise video demos- $19 Value.
BONUS #4- S.P.A.R.T.A. Progress Chart to track your HIT workouts-$14 Value. BONUS #5- FREE 3 Step Fat Loss Guide-$9 Value.
BONUS #6- S.P.A.R.T.A. Dynamic Calorie Tracker to monitor your energy intake-$14 Value.

That's hundreds of dollars worth of FREE bonues just as bonuses for purchasing this $39 ebook. Some people pay us $700-$1000+ a MONTH to work with us in person. You don't have to do that. Just pick up a copy of S.P.A.R.T.A.'s High Intensity Training eBook now and learn all you need to to employ a productive, progressive, and assk-kicking HIT routine.

Again, don't keep doing the same old stuff thinking it's going to be different. If you're just starting, make sure you get started off on the right path by reading the critical information in this book. If you train already, STOP wasting time, don't risk injury, and don't sabotage your progress with cardio! This book is a complete paradigm changer. You'll have the "Ah ha" moment and finally clarity in your fitness pursuits after reading it. It will make complete and total sense to you in an industry full of lies and misinformation. Take the time to read and absorb this information very few people know about and save yourself a LOT of time and trouble.

Here's the other good part. NO RISK!!!

There's absolutely no risk to you. If you're not happy with this awesome deal after 60 days of trying it out, just let us know and we'll be happy to refund you 100%!

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HIT hard!
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